Math Clubs · LHWHS Math Team Places First in the Missouri Math League Competition

For the third consecutive year, the LHWHS Math Team has placed first in the Missouri Math League Competition!! This competition is comprised of six events spread out over the school year, and this year 29 Missouri high schools competed statewide. Please congratulate the following members of the Math Team when you see them.

Seem Patil (2nd in state)
Stephen Jiang (tie 3rd in state)
Akhil Kondepudi (tie 3rd in state)
Moses Schindler (6th in state)
Nevan Giuliani (12th in state)

Justin Chen (tie 13th in state)
Akshay Govindan (tie 13th in state)

Marina Sha (19th in state)

Xiwen Zhang
Jeremy Ouyang
William Pan