Math Clubs · LHWHS Math Team Places First in State Competition!

I am happy to announce that, for the fourth consecutive year, the LHWHS Math Team has placed first in the Missouri Math League Competition!! This competition is comprised of six events spread out over the school year, and this year 26 Missouri high schools competed statewide. Remarkably, Ladue earned 174 out of a possible 180 points, which is the most in the last ten years and the best margin of victory with the second place team (Clayton) earning 147 points. Please congratulate the following members of the Math Team when you see them.
Seem Patil (tie 1st in state)
Marina Sha (tie 1st in state)
Anthony Wang (tie 1st in state)
William Bender  (tie 5th in state)
Akhil Kondepudi  (tie 5th in state)
Moses Schindler (tie 5th in state)
Akshay Govindan (9th in state)
Nevan Giuliani (11th in state)

Jeremy Ouyang (13th in state)
Samuel Chen (19th in state)
William Pan
Rohan Tatikonda
Aditya Kondepudi