Rams News · At-Home Workouts

While we must all be practicing physical social distancing at this time, it is important to stay active not only for physical health but also mental health. I have developed some home-based workout guidelines and have shared them in the link below. One of the challenges to training from home, especially strength training, is equipment limitations. With some creativity and modification it is possible.

Even if you do not follow the plan I’ve laid out I would highly encourage you to find some way to stay physically active every day while practicing social distancing. If you have any questions about the guidelines and workouts please do not hesitate to contact me at mdillon@ladueschools.net. All Ladue student-athletes are encouraged to join my Google Classroom using the code: e2mc7gb.

Lastly, please follow Ladue Strength & Conditioning on Instagram (ladue_strength). I plan on posting content that I hope you’ll find useful for at-home training.

Link: At-Home Workouts

God bless,

Coach Dillon