Boys Varsity Swimming · B-S&D: Week 4 Competitions and Protocols

The Ladue Boys Swimming & Diving (B-S&D) will have their 1st two competitions of the season during our 4th week after a 2 week delayed start to the season.  Parkway West will host Ladue on Tuesday, September 15th (4:30 start) while Ladue will host John Burroughs School (JBS) on Thursday, September 17th (4:00 start).  At last year’s MSHSAA Boys C-1 State Championships, Parkway West finished 5th and JBS finished 10th ahead of Ladue in 19th.  The following Protocols are in place to protect the team while hosting visiting teams and traveling to hosting locations:

Ladue Health Screening Protocols in place before ALL Practices and Competitions:

Ladue Transportation Protocols to Away Meets

  • One student per seat
  • First (#1) row passenger side empty; available passenger side (odd) seats are #3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23
  • First two (#2&4) diver side seats empty; available driver side (even) seats are #6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24
  • Students are assigned seats for contact tracing (limited to 21 available seats available per bus)
  • Students MUST stay in their seats, no arms/legs in the aisles and no getting up and down
  • Students driving themselves (or others) to a competition MUST complete the Transportation Form and provide to Coach Gentry (see
  • Parents may drive their sons to the meet provided Coach Gentry knows in advance; parents should be aware that they may not be spectators during the competition (see STREAMLING below)
  • Families offering donations of sanitizing products will be warmly accepted (just send with students)

Note to AD’s of Visiting Schools regarding Protocols

“According to County Guidelines, Ladue would like all visiting schools to conduct Covid health screenings prior to arriving at our campuses or competition locations.  Coaches are required to wear a mask at all times prior to, during and after competition.  Athletes are required to wear masks at all times while not competing.  Proper social distancing is expected as much as possible while on site.  Coaches and athletes are expected to bring their own individual water bottles, no water will be provided and water shouldn’t be shared.  Please arrive ready to compete, locker rooms will not be available before or after competition….No spectators will be allowed to attend events hosted by Ladue High School.”

Notes specific to Parkway West Meet Tuesday, September 15th (Bus leaves 2:45; Warm-ups upon arrival; Diving 4:30-5:00; Swimming 5:00~6:00)

  • Parkway West will be STREAMING the competition:
  • When not competing, the Ladue team will be cheering from the “away team bleachers” (separate from the home team space) given that deck space is limited
  • Given that the host pool only has 6 lanes, the Ladue team is limited to a squad of ~20 swimmers and divers; those not attending will have an abbreviated practice (see below)
  • Ladue will continue to adhere to our Covid-19 Protocols (health screening survey prior to temperature checks upon arrival, social distancing, masks, etc.
  • Ladue will swim in Lanes 4-6 while PkwyW will be in Lanes 1-3 (social distancing during this first meet)
  • Coach Peglar will arrive at Parkway West HS ~ 3:00 to receive those driving separately; Coach Gentry will bring students on the bus (arrival ~ 3:15 after ~2:50 departure)
  • Coach Mathes will run normal Early (2:45-3:30) and First Rotation (3:45-4:20) Practices for those not in the meet before leaving to join the swimming competition by 5:00

Notes specific to John Burroughs School: Tuesday, September 15th (Warm-ups at 2:45; Swimming 4:00~5:30:

  • Since Ladue will have 45 Boys (41 swimmers and 4 divers), we will occupy the STANDS until they swim an event
  • Since JBS has 25 Boys (23 swimmers and 2 divers), JBS will occupy the DECK on the opposite side of the pool
  • Ladue will cheer from the stand side of the pool; masks will be worn (unless competing) and social distancing will be observed at all times
  • Occupancy behind the blocks will be limited to current and next heat swimmers only (interactions minimized by social distancing)
    • Only after current heat swimmers are competing will next heat swimmers be called behind the blocks to get backup times
    • Next heat swimmers social distance to allow finishing swimmers to exit behind the blocks before next heat swimmers step up
  • Divers will Warm-Up on the center diving board (Lanes 4-5); JBS in Lanes 6-8; Ladue in Lane 1-3

Contact Coach Gentry if a safety concern has not been address or considered (thank you for ALL your questions and suggestions!)